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ALOCA – realitní kancelář Praha Váš partner na trhu nemovitostí v Praze a okolí. Nabízíme aktuální nabídku komerčních a nekomerčních objektů na prodej i pronájem: byty, rodinné domy, vily, obchody, kanceláře, pozemky, hotely, činžovní domy. Poradenství pro investory. realitní kancelář, reality, nemovitosti, byty, RD, pronájem, prodej, správa, bydlení, obchody, kanceláře, realit, Praha, komerční objekty, dům, domy, byt, pozemky, parcely, chaty, chalupy, pozemek, real, garáže, zahrada, kanceláře, pensiony, hotely

Please allow us to offer you our assistance in the following areas:


We arrange selling, buying and leasing of properties (houses, apartments, land, offices and other commercial or non-commercial space) with the help of intense promotion and numerous marketing techniques, while using our extensive client database.

  • photographing the property, advertising your order
  • establishment of the property market price, establishment of the leasing market price
  • preparation of property (cleaning, painting, alterations, moving, etc.)
  • Advertising on the following Internet servers:,,,,,,,,,,
  • distribution of a well prepared information to clients by means of printed pamphlets or individual correspondence (including various language versions for foreign clients)
  • placement of a sign on the property informing the property is for sale or for lease
  • advertising the property in the press
  • active search of clients, direct mailing (establishment of target group which will be gradually approached with an offer)
  • flexible and elaborately prepared inspections
  • our brokers have an excellent knowledge of the property
  • regular discussions with the owner (written reports prepared at least once a month)
  • cooperation with other real estate companies and third parties
  • preparation of contracts / arrangement of complete legal services / consulting services by an attorney
  • obtaining of expert’s assessment
  • obtaining of Extract from the Cadastral Register, Extract from the Commercial Register
  • filing application for the recording of the title in the Cadastral Register
  • arrangement of a regular or one-time cleaning of the property
  • assistance during the planning of financial issues
  • contacting various institutions (Cadastral Register, Commercial Register, banks, Construction Office, Financial Office, etc.)
  • contacting energy suppliers


  • property management and maintenance
  • management and maintenance of computer networks
  • complete financial consulting (mortgage, loan, insurance)
  • relocation of foreign nationals to the area of Czech Republic
  • preparation of real estate market analysis for foreign investors


  • a company incorporation and its accounting
  • representing the company in front of national administration authorities
  • preparation of contracts / arrangement of complete legal services / consulting services by an attorney
  • arrangement of safekeeping services by the notary, attorney or bank
  • obtaining of visas

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