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ALOCA – realitní kancelář Praha Váš partner na trhu nemovitostí v Praze a okolí. Nabízíme aktuální nabídku komerčních a nekomerčních objektů na prodej i pronájem: byty, rodinné domy, vily, obchody, kanceláře, pozemky, hotely, činžovní domy. Poradenství pro investory. realitní kancelář, reality, nemovitosti, byty, RD, pronájem, prodej, správa, bydlení, obchody, kanceláře, realit, Praha, komerční objekty, dům, domy, byt, pozemky, parcely, chaty, chalupy, pozemek, real, garáže, zahrada, kanceláře, pensiony, hotely

Extent of our services

  • Property take-over and its measuring
    • Documenting the property ownership; documenting the property insurance coverage
    • Property measuring – determining the actual structural and technical condition of the property
    • Recording the values on energy consumption instruments
    • Documenting technical equipment inspection reports
  • Operational responsibilities
    • Recording the structural and technical condition of the property
    • Regular and emergency maintenance
    • Maintaining the supply of the media
    • Arranging of clean-up services for the building, sidewalk and adjacent space
    • Arranging of waste removal
    • Assuring the equipment in the building is operational
    • Hand-over and acceptance of properties
    • Inspections of properties
    • Participation in the meetings of owners’ associations
  • Technical responsibilities
    • Ordering, accepting and inspecting repairs
    • Ordering mandatory inspections according to special regulations
    • Proposals for construction alterations and property modernizing
    • Budgeting of expenses
    • Organizing of construction alterations
  • Economic responsibilities
    • Rent regulations, rent reminders to tenants
    • Breakdown of expenses related to services
    • Management of the building fund
  • Legal responsibilities
    • Preparation of apartment and non-residential lease contracts
    • Preparation of lease contracts involving the space suitable for the placement of advertisements
    • Collection of underpayments and past-due debts

Extent and conditions under which we provide our services will be arranged according to your specific requirements.

Inspections – electrical installations, gas installations, lightning rods, television and radio aerials, building’s boiler rooms, chimneys, elevators, sewer systems, water piping, heating systems, fire protection.

We represent the owners during negotiations with contractors, with the suppliers of services and energy, with the tenants in apartments and non-residential areas and during discussions with various institutions such as banks, insurance companies, Cadastral Office, Construction Office, Financial Office or Commercial Register.


Our commission for the property management is 5% of the monthly charges (a minimum charge of 1.500,-- CZK will apply).
Our commission for arranging a long term lease for the property is equivalent to 1 month rent.
Our commission for arranging a short term lease for the property is equivalent to 18% of the total amount of the rent.
Our commission for the supervision and preparation of apartment before the lease or during alterations will apply as follows:

Studio18.000,-- CZK
1 bedroom apartment22.500,-- CZK
2 bedroom apartment 27.000,-- CZK
3 bedroom apartment 31.500,-- CZK
4 bedroom apartment 34.500,-- CZK

Our commission for the supervision of alterations involving larger properties will be arranged individually.

The above prices are only approximate and do not include the applicable VAT.

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