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ALOCA – realitní kancelář Praha Váš partner na trhu nemovitostí v Praze a okolí. Nabízíme aktuální nabídku komerčních a nekomerčních objektů na prodej i pronájem: byty, rodinné domy, vily, obchody, kanceláře, pozemky, hotely, činžovní domy. Poradenství pro investory. realitní kancelář, reality, nemovitosti, byty, RD, pronájem, prodej, správa, bydlení, obchody, kanceláře, realit, Praha, komerční objekty, dům, domy, byt, pozemky, parcely, chaty, chalupy, pozemek, real, garáže, zahrada, kanceláře, pensiony, hotely


Because of its lucrative and stable nature, real estate investments belong among the traditional types of investments. The main advantage of such investments is the fact that the price of properties in the Czech Republic is constantly rising.

Aloca s.r.o. offers its assistance with purchasing of properties to the investors who are buying the properties in order to rent them and who are looking for properties mainly in the area of the capital city of Prague.

Prague has become a cultural and tourism center of the European significance and it serves as a stage for the most important political meetings. The Prague national heritage reservation has been placed on the UNESCO list of world's cultural heritage sites in 1992.

The city of Prague itselfis divided into individual metropolitan sections. Among the most lucrative sections are Prague 1, Prague 2, Prague 5 and Prague 6.

Prague 1 – Old Town - the oldest section of Prague with a magnificent architecture is located on both sides of Vltava River. Among the most important places which we will find in the Old Town are Karlova ulice (Charles Street), Charles Bridge and Old Town Square.

The New Town –was founded by the King Charles IV. There we can find the Charles Square, which until the last century was the largest square in Europe. The National Theatre which was built during the years 1868 to 1881 is located in the New Town as well.

The Little Quarter is the section of the city which was developed under the walls of the Prague Castle. Today it is a place where we can find most of the foreign embassies and many churches. The Little Quarter has its own Little Quarter Square with the St. Nicholas Cathedral, which started to be built during the year 1283.

Hradčany - the largest section of Hradčany is composed of the Prague Castle. There are many historic landmarks here; the most significant among them is the St. Vitus Cathedral which started to be built by Matthias of Arras and Petr Parléř during the rein of Charles IV.

Josefov - the original Jewish quarter. Among its remaining historic landmarks we can find the oldest synagogue in Europe, with the Jewish cemetery located right next to it.

Prague 2 – Vinohrady - a very popular residential neighborhood of Prague located in the immediate vicinity of Wenceslas Square. Surrounding area is covered by greenery, it is easily accessible by traffic and it has all opportunities for shopping. The other sections of Prague 2 are called Vyšehrad and the New Town.

Prague 5 – With its size and number of inhabitants the metropolitan section Prague 5 belongs among the largest sections of Prague. It is located on the left bank of Vltava River, in the immediate neighborhood of the Prague’s historic core. It is a very diverse area with many streets, villa settlements, smaller habitats and new residential projects, factories and many protected natural sites. Among the most frequent landmarks located in Prague 5 are former farmhouses and summer houses with gardens and parks.

Prague 6 – The area of Prague 6 is located in the north-west section of Prague. Being rich with greenery and the family-style villa developments this area is in great demand not only from the inhabitants of Prague, but from the visitors of Prague as well. Among the most attractive sections there are Hanspaulka, Bubeneč, Střešovice and Břevnov.

ALOCA s.r.o. is offering a complete customer service when the properties are purchased as an investment (with the intention of leasing). We will select from the available properties according to your requirements, we will arrange inspections and make you familiar with the surrounding areas. We will guide you through the entire process of the purchase; we will organize the preparation of the property for its leasing, including clean-up, painting and renovating. We will arrange the services of interior designer and we will supply the property with furniture. We will take over the complete management of the property and we will look after its leasing, communication with tenants and we will deal with all potential problems, such as delays in rental payments, emergency situations, repairs and similar situations.

We will pick-up clients at the airport and arrange their program and accommodation during their visit to Prague.

Current information about taxes in the Czech Republic:

Property tax – Basic taxes on apartments or separate non-residential areas are multiplied by m2 x the coefficient of 1,2
Tax on the sale of property – 3%
Tax on personal income – 15%
Tax on corporate income – 21%

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